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We are dedicated to helping individuals learn and improve their English skills, so they can secure remote job opportunities and sponsorships. Our comprehensive program and personalised approach are designed to empower non-native English speakers with the language proficiency needed to excel in the global workforce. Here’s how we can assist you on your journey:

  • Focusing on your English speaking to get you to a level to match our client’s customers in the UK, US, Canada or Australia.
  • Simple effective short course with therapy to quickly advance your English and accent.
  • Listing current job vacancies with sponsorships. Some of our roles may require you not speak to customers but your colleagues and this still requires you to go through the program.
  • CV update with certification of accent program.
  • Visa and work permit solutions.

Changing an accent takes a very long time by using the traditional methods, but a combination of Speech Therapy and Hypnotherapy allows this to take place much quicker. Our focus is to drive you into roles here in the UK and United States working from your home country. If the role is sponsored then you will be required to travel under the sponsorship scheme. 

You must have access to a smart phone, laptop/desktop and smart phone.

As remote and sponsorships continues to gain prominence, UK and US companies are exploring ways to harness the benefits of hiring workers abroad. For individuals seeking remote job opportunities with UK and US companies, it is important to stay updated on our radar and industry trends to find relevant remote positions and navigate the hiring process effectively.

We also help those who want to change their accent for, business, studying abroad, long distant relationships, public speaking, international work relations, acting roles and many more.

Mastering the British Accent for Remote Jobs

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